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Company Name SAT., co. Ltd.
Foundation 2003
Tel 031-433-4711

Based on our cutting-edge equipment manufacturing skills, we have steadily grown into a global leader in the field of display and semiconductor equipment.
Today, we develop and manufacture smart and sustainable eco-friendly products such as and battery materials which are on the global trend of the 4th industry revolution and the era of smart grids.

Business Areas

Display Equipment
Battery Material


Founded in 2003, we have steadily grown by being recognized as the promising company possessing the best technology in the field of display equipment business.

Since then, we have pushed forward diversification of our business for new growth engines, especially in energy and environmental areas, laying the ground for a '100 year enterprise'.

In addition to the existing display equipment business, SAT is expanding its area in various areas such as battery materials.

Based on the long experience and competitiveness we have accumulated through the semiconductor equipment business, we will do our best to become a global No.1 company in the green energy field.

SAT All employees


Future Vision

SAT has invested in technology and manpower for a long time to promote sustainable development through the mutual growing of our display equipment and energy business . Our executives and employees are working together to become the No.1 company based on global competitiveness and knowledge acquired from doing business with global companies, and wherever our technology is needed will be our target market.

Our mission is to strive to become a sustainable company which is not just concerned with the present but with a long-term future in mind.

Core Value


SAT is a company prioritizing trust and cooperation with customers


SAT is an innovator preparing for the future with open and creative mind


SAT is a company being ready to accept new challenges and opportunities

Our Competitiveness and Mission


In order to strengthen our competitiveness in the global market and write a history of innovation, we will develop related expertise by creating new technologies and fostering experts optimized for the global market.

As an energy total solution company, our mission is to continue to develop, produce and distribute products which can contribute to protecting the environment so humans can pursue a better life with nature.




ECO CHEMICAL capital increase participation

Submission of request for listing preliminary examination

Approval of preliminary examination for listing (Korea Exchange)

Listed on the Stock market, KOSDAQ


Material parts,Equipment specialized company

Employee stock ownership association establishment

Introduce a dual chief executive system (Hwang Sung-chul)

Receiving a Venture Startup Promotion Presidential Citation Award (Hwang Sung-chul)


Ulsan branch physical division (Eco-Chemical co., ltd)


Venture promotion prime minister citation


Relocating Headquarter to Larger Facility

Concentrating on Energy Business

Ulsan-Techno Industrial estate factory site(5,094m2) secure


Establighing the Second R&D Center (Ulsan)

Establishing a Branch Office in Ulsan

Promoting Business Diversification

Establishing Joint Venture with an Energy Company in the U.S

Foundation of SPC

KICOX Global Leading Comapany


Designated as a Hidden Champion


Floated on a Stock Marker in Korea as the First Company (Konex)


3Acquiring an Award of 30million Dollars Export Top


Designated as a Hidden Champion (Industrial Bank of Korea)


Receiving a Korea Display Industry Citation


Designated as a Promising Export Company

Acquiring an award of Inobiz

Acquiring an Award of 10million Dollars Export Top


Designated as a Company of Substitute Military Service


Acquiring an award of Inobiz


Acquired ISO9001/ISO14001

Receiving Trade Minister Prize

Establishment of the First R&D Center



Designated as Promising Venture Company


Foundation of Company


Address : 25, MTV26Road 58beongil, Siheung city , Gyunggido, Korea

TEL : 031-433-4711

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Address : North Johnston Ave #208, Hamilton Township, NJ 08609

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Address : 39, Sinduwang-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

TEL: 052-221-3601

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Address : Next day second floor #02, Digital Road 31gil 12, Gurogu, Seoul

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Address : Bundang Sooji U-Tower A-1413, Sinsuro 767, Sujigu, Yonginsi, Gyunggido

TEL : (+82) 31 8041 2810

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